How to repair a damaged shingle

Every homeowner will most likely need to change their roof. It is a just a fact of life.

Depending on the roofing material and the size of the roof, the replacement could cost several 1000 dollars.  But with some general expertise and routine roof maintenance, you can save your roof and get the most for your cash.

Roofing types

Most roofs in North America are some kind of asphalt shingle product that gets nailed to the roof structure in overlapping patterns. The shingles are protected with a topcoat of mineral aggregate for durability.

Generally these minerals have a color depending on the design of the product line. Shingles roofing paper, which works as a moisture barrier between the shingles and plywood roof structure.

The plywood is secured to the roof frame. Older houses might have bordering lumber instead of plywood.

In addition to asphalt shingles, roofs come in clay and metal, as well as a host of other material choices. Many flat roofs will spec big rolls of asphalt that get fixed with a propane torch to melt the rolls to lay below it. For this guide, anyway, we will stick to the basic asphalt shingle.

Anatomy of a shingle

A lone shingle has a decorative plain upper half and a lower half. The decorative bottom half is the naked portion of the shingle, and the plain upper part is where the roofing nails get driven. On the shingle backside is a strip of tar. There is a plastic cover over it to keep it divided from the rest of the shingles in the package.

When a shingle is located on a roof, the top half gets nailed and covered with a second row of shingles in a running bound way so the seams do not align. This kind of installation approach support stop water intrusion.

When to replace a roof

Over time, repeated exposure to the cold winters and hot summers will cause the shingles to expand and contract and eventually fail. This is the most famous cause for a missing shingle. Big branches, storms, and even little animals can also cause damage.

The top time to change a shingle is the hot months of the year. The asphalt shingles have a strip of tar that melts in the sun’s heat and ties to the roof layers below it. You can change a shingle roof in the winter if you have to, but it is much more general to wait until the weather improves.

When changing a shingle, be sure to get rid of any debris from the area, and check for other signs of wear and tear. Sometimes it is difficult to tell there is any weather damage, intrusion or deterioration.

Finally, if you are in doubt about the situation of your roof, hire a roofing expert to inspect it.

Buying a shingle

Asphalt shingle generally begin at approximately $25 per 33 square feet. You will want to find a shingle that relates the rest of your roof. If you have a ladder and the capability, climb up to the roof and take an image of your shingles. Then take this with you to the hardware store so you can select a shingle that matches.

If you are not capable to climb a ladder, just take an image of the outside of your home and try to zoom in as close as easy on the roof. Either way, an image will support you greatly when you are in the middle of a hardware store boarded by shingles that all look similar.

Roof shingles repair

Pipe collars are by far the most general repair. The process for changing one of these rightly is to remove the shingles in the area, check the underlayment, change if necessary and install a fresh collar. A pipe collar generally lasts about ten years at which point, the rubber that makes the seal begins to break down, a tear forms and then you have a slow leak. Defensive maintenance is the top cure for potential issues here. Just like every other part of your house, your roof needs maintenance also. Average cost to change a pipe collar in this area can range from $350-$450 for the primary and about $100 for any extra ones.

General leaks around chimney flashing generally only need the caulking to be changed on the counter flashing. This minor roof repair can be done in less than a hour and generally only needs about $8 valve of roofing caulk. Sometimes hard, the primary flashing is not installed rightly and has to be fully torn out and changed. This can simply run into the $900 – $1200 ball park.

One of them hard roof shingles repair is on skylights. They can generally cost between $1350 – $1900 for a singular light replacement. The top cost generally stem from a mixture of unique skill needed to change a skylight and the cost of a perfect brand that is going to last the next 30-40 years). Definitely, you can put some caulk on the top of the seam and want your want into not having a leak, but most times the water is getting in around the flashing kit. The flashing kit can just be changed by removing the light, removing all the shingles around the light, installing a fresh kit and then changing all the shingles and underlayment. At this point, you might as well have spend the plus $350 to install a brand new skylight.

DIY or call an expert?

If you are scared of heights and understand the level of effort and safety risks involved, then changing a shingle is possible for any DIYer. Anyway, if your roof has any serious problem, it is time to call in the experts.

An expert roofer can remove and change a full homes roof within a day or two. They are generally working with multiple people, so the work goes much quicker.

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