Roof replacement cost for 2018

Whether you are building a brand new home or doing a big renovation for your existing house, having a durable roof that can stand up the elements is very important. Doing a re-roof can be draining on the wallet, and most house owners like to plan their budget before starting a huge project.

The average reported cost to change a 1,500 sq.ft roof is $4,500 – 10,000, depending on the material you pick. Other factors that may impact the final price tag are: the tile roofer you hire, complexity of installation, as well as geographic place.

When researching different material costs and options, bear in mind that the standard of the installation is what ultimately counts and make sure that your roof will be leak-free. While you may want to keep and get a budget-friendly roof, it is to hire a experience, licensed roof leak repair expert, who will stand behind his work.

Different grades of material

Shingle roofs

Asphalt shingles are the most general roofing material, and typically the most cost-friendly option. They are typically simple and light to install for a roofer. The 3 tab shingles are known to be least costly, but customers can pick architectural shingles at a higher price per square. The average cost for this material are between $400 and $500 per square. Flashing, vent covers, trim and gutters are typically an extra cost.

Flat roofs

An installation of rolled roofing material is a labor-friendly process that requires a propane tank and wand to heat the tarred bottom of the gravel-like roof sheet. On an average flat-roof work, many roofers charge $450 -$500 per square.

Metal roofs

Metal roof systems have a various setup process and the installation is more labor-friendly. This process needs further specialized expertise and consists of moving huge pieces of metal roofing material. The cost of a metal roof generally ranges between $800 a square for lower-end metal stuff and can exceed $2,000 for higher-end copper roofs.

Tile roofs

Tile roof replacement costs change drastically. Titles are extremely heavy and unique equipment to load it. A standard concrete title roof can cost between $800 to $1,300 per square depending on choices picked, complication, steepness, and accessibility. For high-end clay tile roofs with complex installation patterns, the price can surpass $2,200 per square.

Factors that affect roof installation costs

There are a number of things that can make an important difference in the final price quote and you obtain from a contractor.

Roof size

The size of your roof will decide the amount of materials you need and the time it will take to done the job. Typically, a bigger roof will cost more than a little or average size one. Anyway, if your roof is very huge, you may get a 5-10% installation discount. On the other hand, many roofers charge more for a very little jobs, because they still have to cover their preparation time and overhead.

Roof penetrations

If you roof has many penetrations (skylights, chimneys) and curbs, you will end up spending more cash on materials and flashing. Also, it will take longer to finish and will be a more hard, because each penetration and curb needs to be rightly flashed to stay watertight. Typically, roofing replacement contractors add a plus charge for each penetration they need to job on.

Premium materials

High-end roofs are more hard and labor-friendly to install than asphalt shingles. Each material, be it slate, metal or title needs its own set of equipment and tools, knowledge and training. Consequently, a premium roof will cost at least 40-60% higher than shingles.

Roofer you hire

Different contractors in your city will provide you price quotes, which will range from extremely low to unexpectedly high. In general, firms that have strong status and have right licensing will charge more for their service, matched to the ones that do not.

Be extremely cautions of firms that have no insurance and workman compensation, as these are mostly likely to hiring legal employees to keep their costs low. While you might keep money in the little term, you run the danger of getting bad installation standard and serious roofing issues down the line. And, these affordable roofers generally disappear on you after completing the project and will  not take liability for their work, in case something goes bad.

Enhancement and improvements costs

Gutter cleaning

Back-up gutters can be liable for forcing water beneath your shingles. Over time, this can lead to them to deteriorate more fast, which also causing leaks. Getting your gutters cleaned once or twice per year, for approximately $150, can help stop these problems from occurring.

Framing repair

In rare cases, the frame of your roof will need roof leak repair. This may also be the case if your are moving to a heavier slate-shingles or tile may need reinforcement of the frame. Costs for frame repair commonly change from $300 to $800.

Flashing replacement

Sometimes your shingles are in best condition, but the flashing that surrounds like your skylights or chimney becomes damaged. The cost to change flashing can change from $100 to $400, depending on how much of the flashing requires to be repaired.

Roof inspection

If you are buying a home, or if you are unsure of whether or not your roof will need to be changed in the near future, you can go for a roof inspection. During an inspection, the roofer takes a look at all roof areas, including the underside, to determine its situation. Typical inspect costs are approximately $450.


Your soffit is actually the protecting of the underside of your roof where it hangs over your house. The soffit offers ventilation for the attic area, and provides your house a finished look. If there is a water problem to your roof, sometimes the soffit will be destroyed as well, needing repair. A new soffit can range in cost depending on material- vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiber cement, and vinyl are all choices. The average cost of a new soffit is approximately $20 per linear foot installed or around $800 for most houses.

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