Roof Replacement Terms and Definitions

The roof, after all, happens to be the most structural part of any building. Without a standard, weather-tight roof, all other parts of a building will be destroyed in short order. Drywall, paint, framing and flooring materials are just not engineered withstand mother nature, interior areas, and people, and need defense from the elements.

Below are some roofing terms that may be supportive during the decision making process:

Square – A unit of measure generally used in roofing and sliding that equals ten feet by ten feet or hundred square feet. Most roofing material is sold per square, and roofers commonly calculate costs and price based on the full number of squares.

Sheeting or decking – The flat layer of material linked to the roof joists. Many older buildings and homes have wood plank decking. New modern residential buildings have orient or plywood strand board (OSB) that is produced in 4 x 8 foot sheets. The most general thickness of roof decking used today is 7/16. Shingles and underlayment are linked to the roof decking.

Granular wear-layer – the ceramic best coating of a composition shingle gives rigidity (protect from debris, hail, and punctures) UV protection, also gives the color.

Composition shingles – New shingles produced with an fiberglass/asphalt mixture. The fiberglass/asphalt body of the shingles is covered with a protective granular wear-layer.

Laminated/architectural/dimensional shingles – all terms refer to the new famous shingle produced with different layers of fiberglass/asphalt material that give included longevity, strength and a shake-like look.

Weather or water and ice barrier – Underlayment produced with adhesive on one side and is used to save roof eaves and valleys from water back-ups and ice dams. Installing water and ice barrier is an important step in stopping damage to roof decking by ice or water backing up from the gutters and going underneath the shingles. Most municipal building code needs a minimum of the first 3 feet of roof eaves to be covered by water and ice barrier.

Roof intake vent – the inflow area left open on the lowest area of roof to provide for right ventilation and infusion of chill, exterior air. Intake vents can be soffit vents or gable vents. The style and structure of your roof will determine which style of vent will job best.

Roof exhaust vent – the outflow area open on the highest portion of roof to give for right ventilation and release of warm air. Roof vents can be older style box type, new ridge vent system, or power vents. The style and structure of your roof will determine which style of vent will job best.

Why you need to replace your roof today

Any damage is fast repaired. But what if your roof has been damaged, what will you perform? Will you repair it or will you do roof replacement? If you look at this issue from a monetary point of view, then the obvious answer might be to roof leak repair because it is extremely light on your pocket and an amazing option than the substitute.  Repairing may be cost-effect for a little time, but if you look at long-term, it is not as cost-efficient as you think it might be. Since this is your house and you are not leaving it anytime soon, it might be an amazing option to just change the roof altogether.

New technology and designs

You know how markets change so fast. What you bought last month may already be obsolete. Fresh designs coupled with the new technologies hit the market every day. So, it is natural that your roof is already out of date. Since it no longer functions rightly, it provides you a chance to experience the top and the latest.

Long-term savings

When you install a new roof, with the help of roofing companies, you get a new and brand new product. It does not have any issues with it and you also get a new warranty with it. So, the repeated expense of repairing the same area on your roof till the area that it cannot be repaired further and has to be changed as a last resort is saved because you eventually bought the roof replacement, but extending the purchase, cost you more because not just did you pay for the roof replacement but also paid for repeated repairs which added paying for the material as well as for the service.

Saving your environment

If you were not alert, our atmosphere is in danger. We have ruined it and we do not know how much time we have till it all breaks apart. But there is a way to protect it, by going green. You can change your old, damaged and obsolete roof for something that atmosphere-friendly. If you live in an area where the climate is cold you can pick a roof system which warms your house using the solar power.


If your roof has been destroyed heavily, it is a wise decision to change it altogether before it falls apart and any of your family meets with a serious issue. The safety forever comes first.

Estate valve

Timely repairs and home improvement programs will rise the worth of your property. It is forever simple to sell a home which looks fit both externally and internally. So, never hesitate to change damaged parts of your home so that your property stays in best shape throughout the years.

Energy savings

Old structures that are not well-maintained become incompetent in terms of energy consumption. HVAC system have to job harder when cracks in roofing structure keep losing heating or cooling leading to increased energy consumption. Reduced power consumption is one of the prime benefits of changing or replacing deteriorated roof.

A roof replacement is an investment that will cause to high returns. The only way to do it right is to hire a best roofing service accessible in your city. Professional will save you money and time. It will be a big risk if you are thinking to change the old roof yourself as it needs right tools and training. It is not as simple as task as you might think. Consult an expert to reject injuries and unforeseen events.

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