What Are Solar Roofing Shingles?

With all the amazing innovative advancements achieved over the past decades in solar technology, solar roofing is now more cost-friendly than ever. This is thanks to solar shingles, which are fresh roofing material that saves power and decreases power costs for property owners. Continue reading to learn more about solar shingles, where to get best roofing company installation advice for your building or home.

Advent of solar-powered roofing

In the past, most people would guess, blue, big incandescent panels on the top of a home or building when thinking about solar power. But in today’s globe, this is not just choice for home-based solar power anymore. On the other hand, that technology has been attract for the dawn of a new and improve kind of power known as solar shingles.

Solar roof shingles are generally photovoltaic cells that have been specifically made to look like asphalt roof shingles. Their advent was an outcome of improvement made in the field of thin-film photovoltatics. House owners are pulled toward this technology for many factors, as solar shingles give a long list of advantages.

Advantages of solar-powered roof shingles

Solar roofing shingles are an innovation to notice when it comes to producing power.  Anyway, with rising utilization of electricity, this has turned into a costly affair. The most amazing part is that several domestic managements and state authorities have initiated the incentive scheme for those who use of solar power. So far, the best discovery has been that of solar roofing shingles. In the early days of its establishment, capturing solar power from above the roof was a pretty pricey business. Anyway, over the years, the expenditure has been condensed.

The biggest monetary advantage of installing solar roof shingles is that your electrical firm could reward you for any surplus power produced. Apart from their capability to generate reasonable electrical solar power, solar shingles are not extremely different from the regular shingles. The installation and mechanism of solar shingle is similar to that of a conventional blacktop shingle. You get the energy to slash down your monthly electricity expense bill, once you zip it up your power system.

The specs of solar shingles are that they can endure basic weather situations just like other ordinary shingles, sometimes as much as eighty mph wind force. Besides, they could independently stand  without any arrangement of support. In case you are surprising about how best they seem, you could be assured of fascinating and attractive feedback for its different fine architectural designs. They would not pop up to look like an alien system on the top of the roof.

Whether you are thinking of designing or restructuring new projects, these solar shingles are readily suitable and obtainable. A best reason why you should not be having any second thoughts about choices for a solar shingle is that it has a long lifespan of about 20 years. Additional, being lightweight makes it simpler to fix it on a fire-proof rooftop.

Before you plan any action, make sure to seek a suggestion from a shingle roofing company without fail. Many governments are known to tender aid in the type of tax incentives and credits to those who pick to produce and use solar power. Although the comparative cost of establishing a solar shingle is superior than that of other shingles,  you are capable to get a positive compensation for the loss by paying lower power bills and gaining incentives. It is actually a wise social, personal and iconological investment to inexhaustible power of the sun in an important way.

Disadvantages of solar power shingles

  • The cost of solar shingles is more than normal solar panels.
  • Solar panels need to be clear of debris and dust but a roof installation will make access more hard. Solar power shingles are durable but cannot carry the weight of a human.
  • These shingles are susceptible to hail and destroy from powerful winds. Home insurance may be superior.
  • The roof needs to be south facing and have a best pitch to increase electricity production for when the sun is at its highest in the sky. This angle dependent upon your place.
  • An expert installer is required and finding a professional one in your area may be hard. The shingle producer may be capable to advise one to you.


In most cases, solar shingles are applied with an existing power grid to make sure that your house is powered even when there is no sun. in the fortunate case that you produce more power than you actually use, you might have the choice of selling it back to the power firm. Although solar shingles are known for their simplicity of installation,  they can just be installed by best roofing company who are licensed and experience in the industry.

In additional to a licensed roofing firm, you will also need an electrician to hook everything up to your power system for you. Generally, you can guess them to install an “inverter,” which will change the generated electrical current to standard AC power.

Talk to a pro

Solar shingle lightweight and flexible, making them simple to install. When it comes to integrating them with customary asphalt shingles, the incorporation is virtually flawless, you can hardly tell the difference between one and another,  especially on roofing system that are dark in color. Actually, they need to look amazing on darker rooftops.

Not just are solar roof shingles are aesthetically pleasing matched to the bulky, old solar-powered technology, they are also economically advantage. They can save homeowners money on power costs by rising their homes power efficiency. House owners may even be eligible for certain solar tax credits.

Solar-powered roofing systems are very costly upfront, but can render house owners a lifetime of savings. Since it is a huge investment, it is vital to completely weight your choices before making a final buying decision. Discuss to a trusted and local  shingle roofing company for expert advice and recommendations you can trust.

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